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1. Where do I pick up my order?

You park in the loading dock off Garrison St, pop your trunk, and call (202) 363-3466. We'll be right out with your order and load it in your trunk, all without any contact.

2. Will you call to tell me my order is complete?

For any orders placed on our New Website the pickup time is guaranteed. The time you select the order will be ready. We only call to go over out of stock items and substitutions.

For orders placed by email or our online form we will call for credit card information, out of stock items, and substitutions.

3. Where will I find my receipt?

We will put your receipt in one of your bags or boxes or tape it to the top of a case of wine. If you can't find it just call and we will email you a copy. 

4. What to do if I am having trouble with my account or order?

Call Rodman's DC (202) 363-3466, and ask for help with the website. We will transfer you to one of the members of the curbside team.